The Unwanteds (by Lisa McMann)

The Unwanteds is a series by Lisa McMann
Which takes place in Quill, where creativity is banned.

Each year there is an event for every 13 year old called the Purge,
Where futures are determined based on the extent of creative urge.

“Wanteds” are sent to the university because they are the best,
While “Necessaries” become laborers and “Unwanteds” are sent to their death.

Alex is labeled “Unwanted” and says bye to his “Wanted” twin bro
Off to the death camp with the other Unwanteds he goes.

But right before Alex and the rest are killed,
A mysterious man saves them all and Alex is truly thrilled.

The man introduces himself as Mr. Today,
Who has created a magical world that promotes the creative way.

In Artime Alex can finally be who he is, creative at the core,
And he and his friends receive instruction to hone their drawing, acting, and music skills…and more.

But they must also learn to defend themselves and prepare to fight
Against the Quillitary, who if they knew, would have them dead outright.

This book has themes of  responsibility, fear, thinking creatively and freely,
With subplots of romance and murderous conspiracy.

Full of fantastical creatures and magical adventure
Part Harry Potter, Part Hunger Games — this is a soon-to-be classic I’m sure.

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